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16 July 2019

Chapter 5.3. Quantitative texture analysis and combined analysis

The International Tables for Crystallography Volume H (powder diffraction) just issued. Inside it, Chapter 5.3 on "Quantitative Texture Analysis and Combined Analysis" are co-authored by two CRISMAT (D. Chateigner, and L. Lutterotti during his Chair of Excellence at CRISMAT), and one CIMAP researchers (M. Morales).
The hardprint volume will be acquired asap. The pdf is accessible for a short period at
Contact : Daniel Chateigner
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15 July 2019

Séminaire donné par Le Professeur M.S. Ramachandra Rao au CRISMAT

Le Professeur M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, professeur invité au laboratoire, a donné un séminaire le lundi 15 juillet 2019 au laboratoire CRISMAT intitulé :
"The exciting world of metal-oxide thin films and nanostructures : TOBE" (...)
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12 July 2019

Interface-based tuning of Rashba spin-orbit interaction in asymmetric oxide heterostructures with 3d electrons

In this work, we devise asymmetric oxide heterostructures of LaAlO3//SrTiO3/ LaAlO3 (LAO//STO/LAO) to study the Rashba effect in STO with an initial centrosymmetric structure, and broken inversion symmetry is created by the inequivalent bottom and top interfaces due to their opposite polar discontinuities. Furthermore, we report the observation of a transition from the cubic Rashba effect to the coexistence of linear and cubic Rashba effects in the oxide heterostructures, which is controlled by the filling of Ti orbitals. Such asymmetric oxide heterostructures with initially centrosymmetric materials provide a general strategy for tuning the Rashba SOI in artificial quantum materials.

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9 July 2019

Séminaire donné par Saidur Rahman Bakaul au CRISMAT

Le docteur Saidur Rahman Bakaul Argonne National Laboratory, Materials Science Division, 9700 S Cass Avenue, Argonne, IL 60439, USA a donné un séminaire au CRISMAT le mardi 9 juillet 2019 intitulé :
"Local Ferroelectric Properties of Free-standing Single-crystal Complex Oxide" (...)
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5 July 2019

Séminaire donné par le docteur D.D. SARMA au CRISMAT

Le docteur D.D. SARMA, Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru 560012 - India a donné un séminaire le Lundi 14 janvier 2019 au CRISMAT intitulé : "Designing the smallest bandgap proper ferroelectric material" (...)
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2 July 2019

Séminaire donné par Tsunetomo Yamada au CRISMAT

Le Mardi 2 juillet 2019, Tsunetomo Yamada Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science Division I, Department of Applied Physics a donné un séminaire intitulé :
"Atomic Structures of Ternary Tsai-type Icosahedral Quasicrystals"
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25 June 2019

Stacking sequence variations in vaterite resolved by precession electron diffraction tomography using a unified superspace model

Vaterite : a 60-years long conundrum resolved using electron tomography. Vaterite, the least stable crystalline polymorph of CaCO3, is involved in the first step of crystallization of several carbonate-forming systems including the two stable polymorphs calcite and aragonite. Its complete structural determination consequently sheds important light to understand scaling formation and biomineralization processes. While vaterite’s hexagonal structure approximant was determined by Kamhi 60 years ago, no model up to now was able to satisfactorily account for all the signatures visible in the diffraction patterns. Using electron diffraction tomography at the single crystal scale, such diffraction signatures could be interpreted using periodic and aperiodic modulated structures, depending on temperature, resolving one of the longest structural enigma.
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Contact : Daniel Chateigner

29 May 2019

Séminaire donné par Le Professeur Frantisek Chmelik

Le Professeur Frantisek Chmelik, Department Physics of Materials, Charles University, Prague a donné un séminaire le mercredi 29 mai 2019 au laboratoire CRISMAT intitulé :
"Acoustic emission - a tool for exploring materials behavior from nano- to macroscale in real time" (...)
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24 May 2019

Séminaire donné par Le Professeur Arunava GUPTA

Le Professeur Arunava GUPTA Center for Materials for Information Technology (MINT), University of Alabama, a donné un séminaire le Vendredi 24 mai 2019 au CRISMAT intitulé : "Revisiting Spinel Ferrites : Thin Films Grown on Isostructural Lattice-Matched Substrates" (...)
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23 May 2019

Producing high-performance thermoelectric bulk colusite by process-controlled structural disordering

Results on Cu26V2Sn6S32 colusites (J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 2018, have been published in the ILL Annual Report 2018 (Scientific Highlights, Section : Chemistry and Crystallography , Pages 60-61).

Contact : Emmanuel Guilmeau

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