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24 janvier 2012

Capturing ultra-small EMT zeolite from template-free systems

XRD patterns measured at CRISMAT, representing the evolution of ultra-small EMT crystals from template-free precursor suspensions at 30 °C under conventional heating for (a) 8 h, (b) 14 h, (c) 24 h, and (d) 36 h. Inserts : crystallite sizes and shapes calculated based on the XRD data. The whole pattern was fitted using the combined analysis formalism (1) implemented in the MAUD program (2), based on the Rietveld analysis approach. Fourier analysis was applied to deconvolute the instrumental and sample broadening parts from the measured X-ray diffraction lines.

1. D. Chateigner, "Combined Analysis" Wiley-ISTE, New York, 2010, 496 pages.

2. L. Lutterotti, S. Matthies, H. -R. Wenk, MAUD (Material Analysis Using Diffraction) : a user friendly JAVA program for Rietveld Texture Analysis and more In "Textures of Materials", J. A. Szpunar, Ed., (NRC Research Press, Ottawa, 2002), pp. 1599.

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