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15 mai 2012

Octahedral tilting in strained LaVO3 thin films

The effect of biaxial strain on the oxygen octahedra rotations in a LaVO3 thin film has been investigated using synchrotron radiation. The film adopts a distorted orthorhombic structure under the compressive stress induced by the SrTiO3 substrate. The contribution to the superstructure peaks arising from cation displacement and VO6 rotations in order to quantify the rotation angles have been separated. An original tilt a-a+c- system has been found, which is induced by the biaxial strain imposed by the substrate. These quantitative results may open up new directions for understanding the modification of electronic properties of engineered oxide films.

 Authors : H. Rotella, U. Lüders, V.H. Dao, D. Chateigner, W. Prellier at CRISMAT in collaboration with R. Feyerherm and E. Dudzik, (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH, Berlin, Germany), and P.E Janolin (Ecole Centrale Paris, France)

Phys Rev B 85, 184101 (2012)