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12 juin 2012

Présentation groupe

Manifestations Scientifiques

On Thursday, May 31th and Friday June 1st 2012 in Caen University, France, we had the pleasure to host the annual German-French symposium on "Texture and Anisotropy" of the joint committees of DGM-SF2M. .

The topic of this year’s T&A Day was "Advancements in Texture Analysis"

This theme included, among others, the following subjects :

1/ Methodological developments using x-rays, neutrons and electrons

2/ Fundamentals, simulations

3/ Novelties in texturation methods


On special request of the T&A delegates, the 2nd morning was scheduled for a demonstration by Luca Lutterotti of the performance of its Rietveld analysis software : MAUD

This morning session was an opportunity to get practice on your own laptop with dedicated examples.

Please find below the documents that you can download :

  • To see the photo click here :   

  • Sessions Program : PDF
  • Participants listing of T&A : PDF

  • Luca Lutterotti presentations :* Part 1 : PDF1   * Part 2 : PDF2  * Part 3 : PDF3  *Part 4 : PDF4

  • Presentations :

* Texture control in metal sheet processing by innovative processing, Leo A.I. Kestens, Roumen Petrov PDF

* Texture and microstructure evolution in torsion at high temperature on metal matrix composite, V. Chailloux, H. Réglé, I. Drouelle, D. Solas, F. Brisset, F. Bonnet, T. Baudin PDF

* The use of Statistical Methods in the study of Texture Gradients, Paul Van Houtte, L. Qin, M. Seefeldt PDF

* Meso-mechanical Modelling on Ridging or Roping of Aluminium Alloys, L. Qin, M. Seefeldt, T. A. Bennett, R. H. Petrov, P. Van Houtte PDF

* Combined analysis method : from sample to texture, Aline Dellicour, Luca Lutterotti, Bénédicte Vertruyen, Mark Rikel, Daniel Chateigner PDF

* Experimental and modelling texture evolution during ECAP of a Cu-Ni-Si alloy, H. Azzeddine, T. Baudin, A.L. Helbert, M. H. Mathon, M. Kawasaki, Djamel Bradai, T. G. Langdon PDF

* Texture Development in Ti/Al composites Produced by accumulative swaging and bundling, Werner Skrotzki, A. Eschke, C.-G. Oertel, J. Scharnweber, T. Marr, I. Okulev, J.-J. Freudenberger, J. Romberg, U. Kühn, L. Schultz, J. Eckert PDF

* An accelerated Potts model for grain growth - Application to IF steels, Francis Wagner, A. Ayad, N. Rouag and A.D. Rollett PDF

* An isotropic kinetic of the kaolinite to mullite reaction sequence in multilayer ceramics, Boussois K., Tessier-Doyen N., Blanchart P. PDF

* New insights into the crystal structure model of modulated martensite according to “adaptive phase theory”, Yudong Zhang, Claude Esling, Zongbin Li, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo PDF

* Variant selection of primary, secondary and tertiary twins in a deformed Mg alloy, Sijia Mu, John J. Jonas, Günter Gottstein PDF

* Recrystallization study of two cold rolled Ni-Cr-W alloys, W. Wang, I. Drouelle, F. Brisset, M.H. Mathon, T. Auger, T. Baudin PDF

* Microstructure and texture of a recrystallized ordered Fe-Co-2V alloy, B. Nabi, A.L. Helbert, T. Baudin, T. Waeckerlé, F. Brisset Confidential