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9 juillet 2013

Power output vs. efficiency for two thermal couplings
Our article on the optimal working conditions for thermoelectric generators with realistic thermal coupling, published in Europhysics Letters, has been selected as part of its Highlights of 2012. Our results clearly put forth the influence of dissipative thermal coupling on both efficiency and power, whereas ideal coupling impacts on efficiency only. Our analysis thus shows that as much as it is important to pursue research in the field of materials science to further enhance the characteristics of thermoelectric materials, a global reflexion on the working conditions of thermoelectric devices is also crucial. Indeed, to reach the best possible device performance, one must find the conditions for an optimal compromise between efficiency and power. Finite-time thermodynamics provides the theoretical and conceptual framework for such a work.

Authors : Yann Apertet, Henni Ouerdane, Olga Glavatskaya, Christophe Goupil, and Philippe Lecoeur
Europhysics Letters 97, 28001 (2012)