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25 février 2015

Oxygen storage capacity and structural flexibility of LuFe2O4+x (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.5)

by M. Hervieu et al.

Oxygen storage ability of LuFe2O4+x is demonstrated up to x=0.5 and the intermediate metastable states of the intercalation/de-intercalation process are characterized. The unusual increase of the cell volume, induced by the storage of 0.5 O per LuFe2O4, corresponds to an OSC (1426 μmol-O/g) comparable with those of some commercial three-way catalysts. The absorption begins at low temperature, occurs in a low oxygen pressure and the uptake of oxygen is reversible without altering the quality of the crystals. This topotactic mechanism is mainly governed by nanoscaled structures, involving shift of the cationic layers. The storage/release of oxygen coupled to the transport and magnetic properties of LnFe2O4 open the road to new tunablemultifunctional applications.

Nature Materials DOI :10.1038/nmat3809