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Philippe BOULLAY

14 mai 2019



Philippe BOULLAY
Directeur de recherche CNRS
CRISMAT, 6 Bd Maréchal JUIN, F-14050 Caen Cedex

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Research Interests

- Chemistry of Materials : structure-property relations in complex oxides, synthesis and structure determination of new materials, phase transition, modulated phases

- Transmission Electron Microscopy : microstructure and interface studies of complex oxides, thin films and superlattices ; precession electron diffraction



2008 : Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches – Caen University. “Structural characterization, modulation and phase transitions : case of the Aurivillius phases” (in french)

1997 : PhD in Materials Chemistry - Caen University. “Synthesis and characterization of new transition metal oxides having modulated structures” (in french)



2011-present : Research Director at CRISMAT CNRS UMR6508 Caen (France)

2006-2011 : Research Scientist at CRISMAT CNRS UMR6508 Caen (France)

1999-2005 : Research Scientist at SPCTS CNRS UMR 6638 Limoges (France)

1998-1999 : Postdoctoral fellow at EMAT (Electron Microscopy for Materials Science) Antwerp (Belgium) European project on “Phase transitions in crystalline solids”

1998 : Postdoctoral fellow at Arrhenius Lab. (Inorganic Chemistry) Stockholm (Sweden) Swedish project on “HTc Superconductive Materials”


Visiting Scientist

2011 : Institute of Physics of the ASCR (Dept.of Structure Analysis) Prague (Czech Republic)

2002 : Jozef Stefan Institut (K5 : Electronic Ceramics) Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2001 : Univ. Del Pais Vasco (Fisica de la Materia Condensada) Bilbao (Spain)