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23 juin 2015

Structural transition at 360 K in the CaFe5O7 ferrite : toward a new charge ordering distribution

A detailed structural analysis of CaFe5O7 combining electron microscopy (TEM, STEM-HAADF) observations and X-ray diffraction data has revealed a reversible transition from monoclinic to orthorhombic symmetry around 360K. This structural feature has been studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy together with the magnetic and electrical transport measurements : a clear discontinuity is detected associated to a drastic electronic behavior change.

Delacotte C, Hüe F, Bréard Y, Hébert S, Pérez O, Caignaert V, Greneche JM, Pelloquin D.
Inorg Chem. 53, 10171 (2014)- DOI : 10.1021/ic5011456

Hétérostructures et Oxydes à Propriétés Electroniques (HOPE)