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8 avril 2015

Random dilution effects in the frustrated spin chain ß-CaCr2-xScxO4

Random dilution effects in the magnetic zigzag ladder (J1 -J2 chain) ß-CaCr2-xScxO4 have been investigated combining magnetic susceptibility, specific heat measurements, and neutron scattering. The pseudogapped magnetic excitations observed above TN in x=0 (21 K) persist up to x=0.3 with an increasing characteristic frequency E0, but vanish for x=0.5 for which a quasielastic signal extending up to 8meV becomes the characteristic feature of the magnetic spectrum. Magnetic ordering is seen up to x=0.3 with decreased ordering temperature TN and correlation length. The results are interpreted in terms of the progressive confinement of one-dimensional excitations within shorter chains as x increases, and emphasize the crucial role of J2 in propagating magnetic excitations.

M. Songvilay, S. Petit, V. Hardy, J. P. Castellan, G. André, C. Martin, and F. Damay.
Phys. Rev. B 91, 054408 (2015).

Physique et Structures d’Oxydes Magnétiques (PSOM)