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9 janvier 2017

A new active Li–Mn–O compound for high energy density Li-ion batteries

In this work, we report on a new electrochemically active compound with the ‘Li4Mn2O5’ composition, prepared by direct mechanochemical synthesis at room temperature. This rock-salt type nanostructured material shows a discharge capacity of 355 mAh/g, which is the highest one among the known lithium manganese oxide electrode materials ever reported. According to the magnetic measurements, this exceptional capacity results from the electrochemical activity of the Mn3+/Mn4+ and O2-/O- redox couples, and, importantly, of the Mn4+/Mn5+ couple also.
M. Freire, N. V. Kosova, C. Jordy, D. Chateigner, O. I. Lebedev, A. Maignan and V. Pralong*
Nature Materials Letters Vol 14, December 2015 DOI : 10.1038/NMAT4479

Nouveaux Matériaux : Fondements, Fonctionnalités (NMF2)