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11 janvier 2017

Giant Nernst effect in the incommensurate charge density wave state of P4W12O44

P4W12O44 is a low dimensional conductor belonging to the monophosphate tungsten bronze family. At low temperature, a succession of commensurate and incommensurate lattice distortions is associated to strong nesting of the Fermi surface and to charge density wave instabilities. Only small pockets of highly mobile carriers are surviving, and the material behaves as a very dilute metal. We demonstrate experimentally that one spectacular consequence is a giant transverse thermoelectric response, known as the Nernst effect. This gives a direct proof that the combined effect of small Fermi energy and high electronic mobility is the key point to reach large Nernst signal, without the need of strong electronic correlations.

Contact : Alain PAUTRAT
Auteurs : K.Kolincio, R.Daou, O.Pérez, L.Guérin, P.Fertey and A.Pautrat
Equipes : Hétérostructures et Oxydes à Propriétés Electroniques (HOPE)
Nouveaux Matériaux : Fondements, Fonctionnalités (NMF2)
Références : Phys. Rev. B 94, 241118 (Rapid Com), le 28 Décembre 2016