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7 janvier 2016

Advances in Magnetoelectric Materials and Their Application

The present contribution is an updated supplement to the review “Magneto- electricity” published in Chapter 3 of Volume 19 of the series Handbook of Magnetic Materials (Fuentes-Cobas et al., 2011). The combined research area of magnetoelectric/multiferroic materials continues to show, as general tendency, an exponential growth. The basic science of magnetoelectricity is as charming as challenging. Particularly for single-phase magnetoelectric multiferroics, quantum theory has already provided answers to important questions, but several (old and new) open issues demand attention, targetted here. Magnetoelectricity has just started to show its potentialities, magnetoelectric composites for instance as materials mostly used in the real world to develop practical applications. In this aim, textured polycrystalline ME tensor modeling are described. In the bse article (Fuentes-Cobas et al., 2011), Magnetoelectricity was represented as a young and gorgeous princess (awakening from a one-century sleep), with plenty of mysteries and promises. In 2015, our princess has grown from her teens and she is preparing herself to work as a Queen. She already visualizes her contributions in the utilization of relatively simple systems and now she feels attracted by challenges from highly complex objects. Who knows, maybe she finds her way to participate actively in the cure of some cancers.

Contact : Daniel.CHATEIGNER
Auteurs : LE.Fuentes-Cobas, JA.Matutes-Aquino, ME. Botello-Zubiate, A.Gonzalez-Vazquez, ME.Fuentes-Montero and D.Chateigner
Equipes : Matériaux Fonctionnels et de Structure (MFS)
Références : Handbook of Magnetic Materials", Vol. 24 Edité par K.H.J. Buschow chez Elsevier, chapitre 3,pages 237-322 dédié aux matériaux magnéto-électriques
DOI : org/10.1016/bs.hmm.2015.10.001