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Jean-Michel RUEFF

Jean-Michel RUEFF

2 avril 2019

Jean-Michel RUEFF
Associate Professor (MCF-HDR)
ORCID : 0000-0003-0372-6491

contact :
Phone : +33 231 452 670
Fax : +
e-mail :

Curriculum Vitae

- 2019 -> in progress / Head of the International Relations Office of ENSICAEN

- 2010 - 2018 / Head of the Majeure Energy and Structural Materials in 2nd (M1) and 3rd (M2) year of Engineering School (Pedagogical Coordinator)

- 2011Defense of the Habilitation to supervise research (HDR) – University of Caen

- 2005 / Assistant Professor – ENSICAEN – CRISMAT, Caen

- 2001-2003 / Post-doc, Universidad de Zaragoza-CSIC, Liquid Crystals and Polymers Group

- 2000 / PhD Thesis, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, IPCMS

Administrative duties

- 2018 -> in progress / Member of the board for Health, Safety and Working Conditions (CHSCT)

- 2012 -> in progress / Elected member of the Laboratory Council CRISMAT (Conseil de Laboratoire)

- 2012 -> 2015 / Elected member of the Council of Studies of ENSICAEN (Conseil des Etudes)

- 2006 -> 2009 -> 2011 / 2017 -> in progress / Elected member of the Scientific Council (Conseil Scientifique) of ENSICAEN

- 2006 -> in progress / Member appointed of the Employment Observatory (Observatoire pour l’Emploi) of ENSICAEN

Publications (last three years)


Manganese Fluorene Phosphonates : Formation of Isolated [MnP2] Chains C. Bloyet, J.-M. Rueff, V. Caignaert, B. Raveau, J.-F. Lohier, M. Roger, G. Rogez, P.-A. Jaffrès. Inorganics, 2018, 6(3),92.

One Dimensional Fluorene based Co(II) Phosphonate Co(H2O)2PO3C-C12H9.H2O : Structure and Magnetism C. Bloyet, J.-M. Rueff, O. Perez, A. Pautrat, V. Caignaert, B. Raveau, G. Rogez, P.-A. Jaffrès.
Inorganics, 2018, 6(3),93.

Incipient spin-dipole correlations in a 1D helical-chain metal-organic hybrid T. Basu, C. Bloyet, J.-M. Rueff, V. Caignaert, A. Pautrat, B. Raveau, G. Rogez, P.-A. Jaffrès.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2018, 6, 10207-10210.

Excimer and Red Luminescence in Naphthalene Based Zinc Phosphonate C. Bloyet, J.-M. Rueff, J. Cardin, V. Caignaert, J. Doualan, J.-F. Lohier, P.-A. Jaffres, B. Raveau.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2018, 3095-3103.
A non-centrosymmetric Cu(II) layered hydroxide : synthesis, crystal structure, non-linear optical and magnetic properties of Cu2(OH)3(C12H25SO4)
Q. Evrard, C. Leuvrey, P. Farger, E. Delahaye, P. Rabu, G. Taupier, J.-M. Rueff, N. Barrier, O. Perez, G. Rogez
Crystal Growth & Design, 2018, 18, 1809-1817.


Fluorenyl Zinc Phosphonate Zn(H2O)PO3-C13H9.H2O : Hybrid Columnar Structure with Strong C-H---p Interactions C. Bloyet, J.-M. Rueff, V. Caignaert, J.-F. Lohier, J. Cardin, P.-A. Jaffrès, B. Raveau. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie, 2017, 643, 3, 250-255.

Layered Simple Hydroxides functionalized by fluoren-phosphonic acids : theoretical insights on the interfaces and magneto electric effect Q. Evrard, Z. Chaker, M. Roger, C. Sevrain, E. Delahaye, M. Gallart, C. Leuvrey, J.-M. Rueff, P. Rabu, C. Massobrio, M. Boero, A. Pautrat, P.-A. Jaffrès, G. Ori, G. Rogez. Advanced Functional Materials, 2017, 27, 41, 1703576.


Hydrothermal synthesis for new multifunctional materials : a few examples of phosphates and phosphonate-based hybrid materials
Materials Discovery Through Crystal Growth, Edited by Hans-Conrad zur Loye.
J.-M. Rueff, M. Poienar, A. Guesdon, C. Martin, A. Maignan, P.-A. Jaffrès.
Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 236 (2016) 236-245.

Topochemical Route from Supramolecular to Hybrid Materials : Tetraphenylmethane-based Tectons and Lanthanum Phosphonate Derivative
O. Pérez, C. Bloyet, J.-M. Rueff, N. Barrier, V. Caignaert, P.-A. Jaffres, B. Raveau.
Crystal Growth & Design, 2016, 16, 6781-6789.

The Dimeric Pyramidal Cu2O6(H2O)2 Unit – A Structural Invariant of a Homologous Series of Copper-Layered Phosphonates
C. Bloyet, M. Roger, J.-M. Rueff, B. Raveau, J.-F. Lohier, G. Rogez, P.-A. Jaffrès.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2016, 28, 4643–4648.

Copper–Fluorenephosphonate Cu­(PO3-C13H9)·H2O : A Layered Antiferromagnetic Hybrid
N. Hugot, M. Roger, J.-M. Rueff, J. Cardin, O. Perez, V. Caignaert, B. Raveau, G. Rogez, P.-A. Jaffrès.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2016, 2, 266–271.

Rigid phosphonic acid for the construction of crystalline organicinorganic hybrid materials
M. Roger, C. Bloyet, Q. Evrard, H. Couthon-Gourvès, M.Berchel, J.-M. Rueff, O. Pérez, G. Rogez, P. A. Jaffrès.
Phoshorus, Sulfur Silicon Relat. Elem., 2016, 191, 1482-1484.