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19 octobre 2010

Directeur de recherche

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Education (degrees, dates, universities)
1980-1986 Graduated from Moscow Institute of Radiotechniques, Electronics and Automatics

02.1995 - Ph.D.Physics and Mathematics : Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of Sciences
Career/Employment (employers, positions and dates)

1995-1996 - postdoc at EMAT, RUCA (Antwerp, Belgium)
01.1997 - 08.1997 - postdoc at Max-Plank-Institute fuer Festkoerperforschung (Stuttgart, Germany)
1997-2002 postdoc at EMAT, RUCA (Antwerp, Belgium)
2002-2003 – invited professor at EMAT, RUCA (Antwerp, Belgium)
1994-till now – Senior Scientist at Institute of Crystallography,
Russian Academy of Sciences
2003-2009 - postdoc at EMAT, Physics Department, University of Antwerp
 (Antwerpen, Belgium)
2009-till now - Research Director at CRISMAT UMR 6508, CNRS-ENSICAEN, Université de Caen, ( Caen, France)

(i) main field
Electron Microscopy investigation of inorganic materials
(ii) other fields
Electron Microscopy investigation of interfaces, nanostructures and defect structures
(iii) current research interest
 mesoporous materials, nanoparticles, fullerenes (C60 and C70) and nanotubes, thin films, CMR materials and thin films based on it, In-situ investigation of phase transition in the materials, heteroepitaxial multilayer systems , atomic structure of interfaces and grain boundaries and correlation with the physical properties

(i) nationales
 : L’Institut Lavoisier de Versailles (Versaille), ICMCB CNRS (Bordeaux), Laboratoire des Matériaux et du Génie Physique (Grenoble)
(ii) internationales : University of Antwerp (Belgium), Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany), Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany), Padova University (Italy), General Physics Institute RAS (Russia)
Invited talks
 - E-MRS 2000 Spring Meeting, Strasbourg, France, May 2000 , “Misfit accommodation of Epitaxial La1-xAxMnO3 (A=Ca,Sr) Thin Films”
 -High Level Scientific Conference on Moving Interface in Solids, Kloster Irsee,Germany August 10-15, 2003. Invited talk “ Phase transition and interfaces in thin film perovskite oxides”
-European Congress of Electron Microscopy (EMC-13), Antwerpen ,August 23-28, 2004 Invited talk : “Zeolite and MCM Materials : Nano- and Mesoporous Structures.”
- ESF Exploratory Workshop on Genesis and Applications of Active MOF, Dourdan, France 25-28.04.2007 : “Crystallized Frameworks with Giant Pores : What kind of information can we expected from advanced TEM ?”
- ICM 17 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 19-24 September, 2010 “Interfaces in Manganite Materials. Role and Place of Transmission Electron Microscopy.”
- Number of papers in refereed journals : >250
- Number of communications to scientific meetings : >100
Some recent publications
- I.S.Neira,Y.V.Kolen’ko, O.I.Lebedev, G. Van Tendeloo, H.S.Gupta, F.Guitián, and M.Yoshimura An Effictive Morphology Control of Hydroxyapatite Crystals via Hydrothermal Synthesis Crystal Growth and Design 9(1) (2009) 466-474
- V. Moshnyaga, K. Gehrke, S. Raabe, L. Sudheendra, K. Samwer, O.I. Lebedev, J. Verbeeck, G. Van Tendeloo, A. Belenchuk, O. Shapoval Electrical Nonlinearity in CMR Manganite Films : Relevance to Correlated Polarons Phys.Rev.B. 79 (2009) 134413