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D8 Advance Vario1 Bruker diffractometer

2-circles powder

22 octobre 2010

Figure 1 : D8 Advance Vario1 Bruker diffractometer

Bruker D8 Advance Vario1 diffractometer is equipped wih a Johansson monochromator (fig 2) allows to perform recordings of x-rays diffraction diagrams on powder samples, with high resolution, for crystal structures determination and their refinement by Rietveld method.


Figure 2 : theta – 2theta Bragg-Brentano geometry

Two operating modes are available : Reflection (Bragg-Brentano geometry ) with a flat sample and transmission (Debye-Scherrer geometry ) with a capillary holder (fig. 3).


Figure 3 : Powder diffractometer in Debye – Scherrer geometry and capilary diagram diffraction of NAC.

Technical characteristics :

theta-2theta vertical goniometer

► Cu anticathode

LynxEye detector

► Monochromator : Ge (111) Johansson type


Equipment :

Bruker D8 Advance diffractometer is equipped wih a high temperature chamber : Anton Paar HTK1200N to record data from ambient temperature until 1200 °C, under different atmospheres (emptiness, air, nitrogen, etc.), in reflection and transmission mode.