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Philips X’Pert-MRD

4-circle Multi-optics

3 novembre 2010

Figure 1 : X’PERT MRD diffractometer

The opened Cradle X’PERT Philips MRD diffractometer, is equipped with a 4-circle goniometer allowing to orient the sample in all space directions in a X beam whose optical characteristics can be easily calibrated using interchangeable optical modules, using either the linear focus, or the specific focus of the ceramic tube. Measurement is carried out via a punctual counter, also preceded by specific modules according to the selected applications. The system will be soon equipped with a PIXcel3D Panalytical detector to speed of data collection and the resolution quality. The motorized sample holder is also equipped by a multi-sample changer.

Optics positioning to the Philips MRD diffractometer :


 Different optics currently used :

 Some configuration examples :





F2 + P2 + S2

Phase analysis


F1 + P1 + S1

Poles figures

High Resolution

F1 + P3 + S5

Reciprocal space mapping

High Hybrid Resolution

F2 + P4 + S5



F2 + P2 + S3

Reflectivity X

Incidence Rasante

F2 + P2 + S4

theta – 2 theta thin film phase analysis