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Former members

29 octobre 2010




Dominique GREBILLE (1957 - 2009), in 1993, he joined the CRISMAT laboratory at ENSICAEN as Full Professor, taking charge of invigorating the crystallography team. His main research interest was the relation between material properties and crystallography. He very soon recognized that aperiodic structures have to be stabilized to achieve specific properties in complex oxides such as superconductors or magnetoresistive or thermoelectric compounds. He then directed his crystallographic expertise towards the better determination of modulated, incommensurate, composite and aperiodic structures. He was among the first scientists who dived into the analyses of the new commensurate and incommensurate structures of the high-temperature superconducting oxides. It is not possible to mention Dominique’s activities without underlining his particularly friendly, gentle and cheerful traits. A brilliant scientist with a modest and active nature, he fully participated in society at many levels and acted in support of the blind. His premature death truncates a brilliant career and his vitality and enthusiasm will be missed by the French crystallographic community. You enchanted us and, from your superspace, will remain in our memory forever.








 André LECLAIRE, Directeur de recherche CNRS, made us benefit from his cheerfulness as well as from his big experience and from his expertise in crystallography during these years.



Hélène ROUSSELIERE, CNRS Ingineer, that we thank for the quality of its work, its knowledge and its precious experience in the sorting of single crystals and the EDS measures. Within the framework of a transfer, Hélène joined the Institute of Molecular Chemistry of Paris


 Henri LELIGNY, maître de conférences, he made us share his passion of crystallography (among many other passions) until 2003. It was always with the mounting of the rare animal, the original structure, the structural difficulty. Only one regret : not to have been able to put the hand on a composite crystal at three aperiodic networks : opinion with the amateurs !


 Josiane CHARDON, CNRS ingineer, made profit the team during long years, of all its skill and its patience for the sorting and the joining of many samples the quite as small and fragile ones that the others. One does not count either any more the stereotypes of Weissenberg or the recordings which it has to carry out, with the liking of the imagination of the researchers who requested it.


 Philippe LABBÉ, professeur à l’IUT de Caen, to the Physical measurements department, it directed the group of Crystallography until 2001. Its tact and its know-how for the maintenance and the adjustment of the Nonius diffractometers referred for us unforgettable of it.