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X’PERT Pro MPD PANalytical

2-circle powder

3 novembre 2010

Figure 1 : Theta-Theta PANalytical X’Pert Pro diffractometer

The X’Pert Pro MPD PANalytical 2-circle diffractometer equipped with a thêta-thêta goniometer is mainly dedicated to sample qualitative analysis (phase identifications) and high température studies. The instrument is equipped with a rapid X’Celerator detector, a sample changer and a high température chamber. 

Figure 2 : (right) Anton Paar TTK 450 high température chamber and (left) cristalline transitions studies following by powder diffractograms versus température.

Two x-ray sources are available : copper anticathode and colbalt anticathode used to study coupounds containing cobalt, by limiting the fluorescence effects.

Technical caracteristics :

► vertical thêta-thêta goniometer

Cu and Co anticathodes

X’Celerator and PIXcel3D detectors

► X’Celerator back monochromator

► changer of 15 samples

Equipment :

X’PERT Pro Philips diffractometer is equipped by a Anton Paar TTK450 high temperature chamber allowing to work under controlled atmosphere (vacuum, argon, nitrogen, air) and to reach temperatures ranging between -193°C and 450°C.