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INEL diffractometer

4-circle closed HUBER cradel

5 novembre 2010



 The diffractometer is equipped with a closed Euler HUBER circle . A micro manual adjustment of Z axis is operational for eflectivity measurements. It is also equipped with a INEL CPS 120 detector piloted by the 2θ-arm , reaches up to 160°. It is supplied with a INEL XRG 3000 generator . This 4-circle diffractometer is dedicated to the combined analysis : texture-structure-stresses-size-phases 

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 Technical caracteristics :

• Anode : Cu 30mA x 40kV max, 1 mm point focus filament

• Monochromators : Flat CGR Graphite 0.40 degree FWHM

• Collimation : 2 HUBER crossed-slits, 50mm to 5mm

• Divergence : Adjustable down to 7mrad x 7mrad for 1mm x 1mm slits, or less.


Running : 

  Schéma du diffractomètre à dètecteur courbe.   Temps réel d'acquisition

Schema curved detector diffractometer.

Real-time of acquisition.

    Acquisition conventionnelle à 2θ.

Schema of punctual detector diffractometer.

Conventional acquisition with 2θ.