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11 February 2011

I. Publications in peer-reviewed Journals

II. Publications in peer-reviewed conference proceedings



I. Publications in peer-reviewed journals


[1] Preparation of Ni-doped ZnO ceramics for thermoelectric applications.
H. Colder, E. Guilmeau, C. Harnois, S. Marinel, R. Retoux and E. Savary.
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2011, in Press.

[2] Peculiar effects of microwave sintering on ZnO based varistors properties.
E. Savary, S. Marinel, F. Gascoin, Y. Kinemuchi, J. Pansiot and R. Retoux.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2011, 509 (21), 6163-6169.

[3] Fast synthesis of nanocrystalline Mg2Si by microwave heating : a new route to nanostructured thermoelectric materials.
E. Savary, F. Gascoin, and S. Marinel.
Dalton Transactions, 2010, 39 (45), 11074-11080.

[4] Sintering of CuO and ZnO in a Single Mode Microwave Cavity with Shrinkage Control.
S. Marinel, E. Savary, M. Gomina.
Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy, 44(1), 2010, 57-63.

[5] In situ measurement of the shrinkage during microwave sintering.
S. Marinel et E. Savary.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology, vol. 209, Juin. 2009, p. 4784-4788.


II. Publications in peer-reviewed conference proceedings


[1] Microwave sintering of nano-sized ZnO synthesized by a liquid route.
E. Savary, S. Marinel, H. Colder, C. Harnois, F. Lefevre, et R. Retoux.
Powder Technology, 2011, 208 (2), 521-525.

[2] Contribution of the Microwave Sintering for Getting Nanosized ZnO Based Ceramics for Varistors
E. Savary, S. Marinel, C. Harnois, A. Pautrat, R. Retoux.
Ceramic Materials, 62(3), 2010, 376-381. 

[3] Control of the Shrinkage during Hybrid Microwave Sintering of Nano-Sized ZnO Based Powder for Varistors.
S. Marinel, E. Savary, A. Pautrat, et R. Retoux.
High-Performance Ceramics VI, 2010, 434-435, 376-381.


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