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Rencontre d’ENERMAT au CRISMAT

22 avril 2011




Next meetings in Caen : Spring 2011 As a next step, 2 meetings will be organized in Caen in spring 2011. A training based on thermoelectric will bring together research teams and SMEs for a 2-day meeting that will take place at the ENSICAEN (CNRT Matériaux and CRISMAT laboratory). Provisional program includes Oxides, intermetallics, SPS synthering, and visit of thermoelectric devices. The CRISMAT laboratory researches are focused on both synthesis and study of materials with peculiar physical properties and, especially, oxides with magnetoresistance, ferroelectricity, thermoelectricity and magnetocaloric effects. CNRT Matériaux purpose is to develop effective collaboration between laboratories and companies (Industries, SMEs), carrying out activities of research and technological development in the fields of composite materials, formulation of polymers, characterisation and thermomecanical properties of materials (metals, ceramics, polymers and composites), electronics and microelectronics materials. In order to boost project ideas and partnership between private and public sector, a business meeting is scheduled. Its objective is to discuss new projects to be developed in the field of energy materials. ENERMAT delegates and SMEs from across Atlantic Area will attend this meeting. The MIRIADE (Regional Mission for Innovation and Economic Development Actions of Basse-Normandie Region) will support CNRS and ENSICAEN in the organization of the event.


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