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En 2018

Jean baptiste Labegorre
Synthesis and characterization of oxides and sulfides materials for thermoelectric applications
Theses, Normandie Université
December 2018

Clarisse Bloyet
Luminescent and magnetic two-dimensional metal phosphonates : structure-properties relationships Theses, Normandie Université, November 2018

Kassem Hamze
Development of an Efficient Methodology for Modeling Parasitic effects within a Broadband Test Circuit
Theses, Normandie Université
November 2018. URL

Laurine Monnier
Structural analyzes of magnetic hexaferrites Ca2+xFe16-xO26-(x/2) by electron microscopy
Theses, Normandie Université
October 2018. URL

Florent Pawula
Ruthenium oxide peculiarities probed by Seebeck effect
Theses, Normandie Université
October 2018. URL

Nami Matsubara
Trirutiles and multiferroic properties : exploring tellurates
Theses, Normandie Université,September 2018

Ismail Alaoui abdallaoui
Contribution to the global EMC analysis of structures and circuits : application to Vivaldi antennas integrated with a nonlinear system for Energy Harvesting : FDTD approach
Theses, Normandie Université, May 2018

Matthias Rouch
Understanding the hydrothermal aging mechanisms of unsaturated polyester-reinforced ax fiber unidirectional composites
Theses, Normandie Université, April 2018

Louis Dupont
Development of a pulsed magnetic field generator based on superconducting cryo-magnets
Theses, Normandie Université, February 2018