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Equipe 1-NMF2


New materials : from fundamentals to functionalities (NMF2)

Group Members (2015)

- David Berthebaud (CR2)

- Vu Hung Dao (MCF)

- Ramzy Daou (CR2)

- Raymond Frésard (PR1)

- Franck Gascoin (MCF- HDR)

- Sylvie Hébert (DR2)

- Oleg Lebedev (DR2)

- Antoine Maignan (DRCE)

- Valérie Pralong (DR2)

- Bernard Raveau (Emeritus)

- Jean-Michel Rueff (MCF- HDR)

PhD students

- Evan Adamczyk (2016-2019)

- Stefan Maier (2015- 2018)

- Mélanie Freire (2014 – 2017)

- Robin Lefèvre (2014 – 2017)

- Flora Molinari (2013 – 2016)

Post-doctoral fellows

- Elisabeth Rausch (2016-2018)

- Emmanuel Anger (2016-2017)

Former members

- Barbara Leroux (2012–2015)

- Marion Galmiche (2012–2015)

- Nathalie Hugo (2014–2015)

- Asish K. Kundu, from IITDMJ, Jabalpur (2014–2015)


We are interested in the search and investigation of oxides, sulfides, selenides, oxysulfides or oxyselenides, and hybrid materials. Some intermetallics are also investigated, mostly for thermoelectrics. The interplay between spin, charge and lattice in these materials can lead to interesting electronic or magnetic properties with potential applications in the field of energy (thermoelectricity, fuel cells, batteries, anionic or cationic conduction…) or magnetism (multiferroicity). The properties can moreover be strongly modified by shifting from ionic bonding in oxides to a much more covalent behaviour in sulfides and selenides.
The aim of our group is to synthesize new materials and investigate their different properties (magnetism, electronic and thermal transport properties, dielectric constant, polarization) to better understand the relationships between the crystallographic structure and these properties. Theoretical approaches including microscopic calculations of transport quantities, intertwined ground states, and dynamics are developed and applied to models relevant to these materials.


Thermoelectric materials

Anionic and cationic conductors

Experimental techniques

- Single crystal flux growth

- Standard solid-state reaction

- Soft chemistry synthesis (precipitation, hydrothermal, solvothermal, ionic exchange, electrochemistry, sol gel, micro-wave)

- Spark Plasma Sintering

- X-ray diffraction

- Transmission Electron Microscopy

- Resistivity, thermal conductivity and Seebeck coefficient measured from 2 to 325K, up to 9T, in PPMS systems.

- Squid magnetometers (up to 5T) for magnetization investigations.

- ZEM3 systems for resistivity and Seebeck coefficient measured from 250 to 1000K

- Netzch laser flash experiments for thermal diffusivity.

- Impedance spectroscopy measurement

- Galvanostatic and potentiostatic measurement

- Cyclic voltammetry
Intermittent technique (PITT and GITT)

- Li/Na ion batteries cells


- LPS (Orsay)

- GREMAN (Tours)

- ICMCB (Bordeaux)

- CEMCA (Brest)

- IPCMS (Strasbourg)

- Nottingham University (UK)

- Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (Dresden, Germany)

- Univ Antwerp, EMAT, (Antwerp, Belgium)

- National Institute RD electrochemistry and Condensed Matter (Timisoara)

- Univ Politehnica Timisoara, Fac Ind Chem Environm Engn. (Timisoara, Romania)

- UR Phys Chim Mat Solides Fac Sci Tunis (Tunisia)

- Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), (Madras, India)

- Terasaki group, Department of Physics Nagoya (Japan)

- National Institute for Materials Science (Tsukuba, Japan),

- National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST (Tsukuba, Japan)

- Augsburg University (Germany)
Max Planck Institut für Festkörperforschung (Stuttgart, Germany)

- Jagellonian University (Krakow, Poland)

- Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (Karlsruhe, Germany)

- Bonn University (Germany)

- KAUST (Saudi Arabia)

Recent publications

• Tuned thermoelectric properties of TiS1.5Se0.5 through copper intercalation
Raghavendra Nunna, Franck Gascoin, Emmanuel Guilmeau
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 634, 32 (2015)

• Measuring thermoelectric transport properties of materials
Kasper A. Borup, Johannes de Boor, Heng Wang, Fivos Drymiotis, Franck Gascoin, Xun Shi, Lidong Chen, Mikhail I. Fedorov, Eckhard Müller, Bo B. Iversen and G. Jeffrey Snyder
Energy Environmental Science, 2015,8, 423-435 DOI : 10.1039/C4EE01320D, Review Article

• Large anisotropic thermal conductivity of intrinsically two-dimensional metallic oxide PdCoO2
R. Daou, R. Frésard, S. Hébert, A. Maignan
Phys. Rev. B91, 041113 (2015)

• Thermopower in the quadruple perovskite ruthenates
S. Hébert, R. Daou, A. Maignan
Phys.Rev. B91, 045106 (2015)

• Sol-gel synthesis of Fe-Co nanoparticles and magnetization study
Pranjal Nautiyal, Md. Motin Seikh, Oleg I. Lebedev, and Asish K. Kundu. J
Magnetism Mgn. Mater. 377, 402 (2015)

• The new cerium-rich intermetallic phase Ce13Ru2Sn5 : Crystal structure and physical properties
V. Gribanova, N. Sorokina, E. Murashova, A. Slabon, R. Daou, A. Maignan, O. Lebedev, and A. Gribanov..
J. Alloys and Comp. 622, 745 (2015)

• Textured Al-doped ZnO ceramics with isotropic grains
P. Diaz-Chao, F. Giovannelli, O. Lebedev, D. Chateigner, L. Lutterotti, F. Delorme, and E. Guilmeau
J. Eur. Ceramic Soc. 34, 4247 (2014)

• Nanoscale Ordering in Oxygen Deficiant Quintuple Perovskite Sm2- ?Ba3+ ?Fe5O15- ? : Implication for Magnetism and Oxygen Stoichiometry
Nadezhda E. Volkova, Oleg I. Lebedev, Ludmila Ya. Gavrilova, Stuart Turner, Nicolas Gauquelin, Md Motin Seikh, Vincent Caignaert, Vladimir A. Cherepanov, Bernard Raveau, and Gustaaf Van Tendeloo
Chem. Mater. 26, 6303 (2014)

• Impact of Crystal Chemistry upon Spin Orientation Transitions in Magnetic Perovskites
Bernard Raveau and Md. Motin Seikh..
Zeit. Anorgan. Allgemeine Chem. 640, 2649 (2014)

• ZrSe3-Type Variant of TiS3 : Structure and Thermoelectric Properties
Emmanuel Guilmeau, David Berthebaud, Patrick R. N. Misse, Sylvie Hebert, Oleg I.Lebedev, Daniel Chateigner, Christine Martin, and Antoine Maignan
Chem. Mater. 26, 5585 (2014)

• Exact ground state of strongly correlated electron systems from symmetry-entangled wave-functions
Alexandre Leprévost, Olivier Juillet, and Raymond Frésard
Ann. Phys. (Berlin), 526, 430 (2014)

• Structural, magnetic and transport properties of 2D structured perovskite oxychalcogenides
David Berthebaud, Oleg I. Lebedev, Denis Pelloquin, and Antoine Maignan
Solid Stat. Sci. 36, 94 (2014)

• Amorphous sodium vanadate Na1.5+yVO3, a promising matrix for reversible sodium intercalation
Venkatesh, G. ; Pralong, V. ; Lebedev, O. I. ; Caignaert, V. ; Bazin, P. ; Raveau, B
Electrochemistry Communications 40, 100 (2014)

• Transition metal hydrogenophosphates : a potential source of new protonic and lithium conductors
V. Pralong, V. Caignaert, B. Raveau
J. Mat. Chem., review, 21, 33, 12188 (2011)

• Exotic spin, charge and pairing correlations of the two-dimensional doped Hubbard model : A symmetry-entangled mean-field approach
O. Juillet and R. Frésard
Phys. Rev. B 87, 115136 (2013)


Directeur de Recherche CNRS

contact :

Tel. : +
Fax : +
e-mail :


·Nouveaux Matériaux pour le stockage de l’énergie (batteries Li ion -Na ion, batteries alcalines et piles à combustible)
·Synthèse pas Chimie douce (hydrothermale, précipitation, micro-onde, réactions d’échange....)
·Electrochime : caracterisation par voltampérométrie cyclique, techniques intermittentes, GITT, impedance spectroscopie, électrocristallization
·Réactivité des solides

Mini CV
2013 : CNRS reseach director at CRISMAT laboratory Caen
2008 : "Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches"- University Caen Basse-Normandie
“Soft Chemistry Synthesis and Electrochemical characterizations of New Transition Metal Oxides”
2003 : CNRS Senior scientist at CRISMAT Laboratory Caen, FR
2002-2003 : Post-doctoral researcher University Picardie J. Verne, LRCS, Amiens, FR
2000-2002 : Post-doctoral researcher University Waterloo, ON, Canada
2000 : PhD in Materials Chemistry, University Picardie J. Verne, LRCS, Amiens, FR
“Cobalt hydroxide future in the Nickel Oxide Electrode, positive electrode of alkaline batteries Ni/Cd, Ni/MH and Ni/H2
1997 : Master’s degree, University Lille I, FR, LRCS, Reactivity in Solid State Chemistry

Helsinki University Techno. Finland, IIT Madras India, IIT Bangalore India, University Calif. Davis USA, Oregon State University USA, Univ. Polythechnica Timisoara Roumania,Univ. Sheffield UK, Univ. Antwerp Belgium, Univ. Oslo Norway


Franck Gascoin

Enseignant Chercheur, Maître de conférence

contact :

Tel. : +
Fax : +
e-mail : Franck GASCOIN

Activité de recherche

Domaine scientifique principal : Chimie

Mots Clefs : Thermoélectricité, composés intermétalliques, matériaux fonctionnels

Thèmes de Recherche : Nouveaux matériaux intermétalliques thermoélectriques, synthèse et mise en forme de matériaux composites thermoélectriques

Collaborations Nationales : Université Paul Sabatier

Collaborations Internationales : Université de Californie à Davis, California Institute of Technologie CALTECH, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Etats-Unis)


2009 Maître de Conférences CRISMAT- ENSICAEN - UFRSciences CAEN

2008 HDR (Université Montpellier 2)

2005 Nommé Maître de Conférences (Université Montpellier 2)

2003-2005 chercheur postdoctoral à CALTECH / JPL (Pr. Haile et Dr. Snyder)


Brevet :

U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 11/470, 998

Title : "High Efficiency Thermoelectric Power Generation Using Zintl-Type Materials"

Filed : September 7, 2006

Inventors : G. Snyder, F. Gascoin, S. Brown and S. Kauzlarich

CIT No. : 4487

Jean-Michel RUEFF

Jean-Michel RUEFF

Jean-Michel RUEFF
Associate Professor (MCF-HDR)
ORCID : 0000-0003-0372-6491

contact :
Phone : +33 231 452 670
Fax : +
e-mail :

Curriculum Vitae

- 2019 -> in progress / Head of the International Relations Office of ENSICAEN

- 2010 - 2018 / Head of the Majeure Energy and Structural Materials in 2nd (M1) and 3rd (M2) year of Engineering School (Pedagogical Coordinator)

- 2011Defense of the Habilitation to supervise research (HDR) – University of Caen

- 2005 / Assistant Professor – ENSICAEN – CRISMAT, Caen

- 2001-2003 / Post-doc, Universidad de Zaragoza-CSIC, Liquid Crystals and Polymers Group

- 2000 / PhD Thesis, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, IPCMS

Administrative duties

- 2018 -> in progress / Member of the board for Health, Safety and Working Conditions (CHSCT)

- 2012 -> in progress / Elected member of the Laboratory Council CRISMAT (Conseil de Laboratoire)

- 2012 -> 2015 / Elected member of the Council of Studies of ENSICAEN (Conseil des Etudes)

- 2006 -> 2009 -> 2011 / 2017 -> in progress / Elected member of the Scientific Council (Conseil Scientifique) of ENSICAEN

- 2006 -> in progress / Member appointed of the Employment Observatory (Observatoire pour l’Emploi) of ENSICAEN

Publications (last three years)


Manganese Fluorene Phosphonates : Formation of Isolated [MnP2] Chains C. Bloyet, J.-M. Rueff, V. Caignaert, B. Raveau, J.-F. Lohier, M. Roger, G. Rogez, P.-A. Jaffrès. Inorganics, 2018, 6(3),92.

One Dimensional Fluorene based Co(II) Phosphonate Co(H2O)2PO3C-C12H9.H2O : Structure and Magnetism C. Bloyet, J.-M. Rueff, O. Perez, A. Pautrat, V. Caignaert, B. Raveau, G. Rogez, P.-A. Jaffrès.
Inorganics, 2018, 6(3),93.

Incipient spin-dipole correlations in a 1D helical-chain metal-organic hybrid T. Basu, C. Bloyet, J.-M. Rueff, V. Caignaert, A. Pautrat, B. Raveau, G. Rogez, P.-A. Jaffrès.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2018, 6, 10207-10210.

Excimer and Red Luminescence in Naphthalene Based Zinc Phosphonate C. Bloyet, J.-M. Rueff, J. Cardin, V. Caignaert, J. Doualan, J.-F. Lohier, P.-A. Jaffres, B. Raveau.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2018, 3095-3103.
A non-centrosymmetric Cu(II) layered hydroxide : synthesis, crystal structure, non-linear optical and magnetic properties of Cu2(OH)3(C12H25SO4)
Q. Evrard, C. Leuvrey, P. Farger, E. Delahaye, P. Rabu, G. Taupier, J.-M. Rueff, N. Barrier, O. Perez, G. Rogez
Crystal Growth & Design, 2018, 18, 1809-1817.


Fluorenyl Zinc Phosphonate Zn(H2O)PO3-C13H9.H2O : Hybrid Columnar Structure with Strong C-H---p Interactions C. Bloyet, J.-M. Rueff, V. Caignaert, J.-F. Lohier, J. Cardin, P.-A. Jaffrès, B. Raveau. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie, 2017, 643, 3, 250-255.

Layered Simple Hydroxides functionalized by fluoren-phosphonic acids : theoretical insights on the interfaces and magneto electric effect Q. Evrard, Z. Chaker, M. Roger, C. Sevrain, E. Delahaye, M. Gallart, C. Leuvrey, J.-M. Rueff, P. Rabu, C. Massobrio, M. Boero, A. Pautrat, P.-A. Jaffrès, G. Ori, G. Rogez. Advanced Functional Materials, 2017, 27, 41, 1703576.


Hydrothermal synthesis for new multifunctional materials : a few examples of phosphates and phosphonate-based hybrid materials
Materials Discovery Through Crystal Growth, Edited by Hans-Conrad zur Loye.
J.-M. Rueff, M. Poienar, A. Guesdon, C. Martin, A. Maignan, P.-A. Jaffrès.
Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 236 (2016) 236-245.

Topochemical Route from Supramolecular to Hybrid Materials : Tetraphenylmethane-based Tectons and Lanthanum Phosphonate Derivative
O. Pérez, C. Bloyet, J.-M. Rueff, N. Barrier, V. Caignaert, P.-A. Jaffres, B. Raveau.
Crystal Growth & Design, 2016, 16, 6781-6789.

The Dimeric Pyramidal Cu2O6(H2O)2 Unit – A Structural Invariant of a Homologous Series of Copper-Layered Phosphonates
C. Bloyet, M. Roger, J.-M. Rueff, B. Raveau, J.-F. Lohier, G. Rogez, P.-A. Jaffrès.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2016, 28, 4643–4648.

Copper–Fluorenephosphonate Cu­(PO3-C13H9)·H2O : A Layered Antiferromagnetic Hybrid
N. Hugot, M. Roger, J.-M. Rueff, J. Cardin, O. Perez, V. Caignaert, B. Raveau, G. Rogez, P.-A. Jaffrès.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2016, 2, 266–271.

Rigid phosphonic acid for the construction of crystalline organicinorganic hybrid materials
M. Roger, C. Bloyet, Q. Evrard, H. Couthon-Gourvès, M.Berchel, J.-M. Rueff, O. Pérez, G. Rogez, P. A. Jaffrès.
Phoshorus, Sulfur Silicon Relat. Elem., 2016, 191, 1482-1484.

Bernard RAVEAU


Bernard RAVEAU
Professeur émérite





contact :

Tel. : +
e-mail :


Activité de recherche
Domaine scientifique principal : Chimie
Recherche de nouveaux oxydes dans les systèmes à électrons fortement corrélés (magnétisme : compétition entre ferri-ferromagnetisme et antiferromagnetisme et frustration magnétique, ordre de charges, etc…), oxydes thermoélectriques à base d’éléments de transition d10, oxyanions de type phosphates et sulfates pour intercalation/desintercalation de lithium.
Principales collaborations internationales : Inde, Chine, Europe.

Publications récentes

97 publications from 2006 to 2010 in international journals such as : Chem Mater., J. Mater. Chem., J. Solid State Chem., Electrochemistry, Solid State Comm, Phys. Rev B, Phys. Rev. Lett.
Caignaert V, Pralong V, Hardy V, Ritter C, Raveau B
Magnetic Structure of CaBaCo4O7 : Lifting of geometrical frustration towards ferrimagnetism
PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 81 (9) : Art. No. 094417 MAR 1 2010
Pralong V, Caignaert V, Maignan A, Raveau B
Structure and Magnetic properties of LnBaFe(4)O(7) oxides : Ln size effect
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, 19 (44) : 8335-8340 2009
Caignaert V Abakumov AM, Pelloquin D, Pralong V, Maignan A, Van Tendeloo G, Raveau B,
A New Mixed-Valence Ferrite with a Cubic Structure, YBaFe4O7 : Spin-Glass-Like Behavior
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, 21 (6) : 1116-1122 MAR 24 2009
Raveau B, Caignaert V, Pralong V, Pelloquin D, Maignan A,
A Series of Novel Mixed Valent Ferrimagnetic Oxides with a T-C up to 270K : Cal-xYxBaFe4O7
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, 20 (20) : 6295-6297 OCT 28 2008
Kundu AK, Rautama EL, Boullay P, Caignaert V, Pralong V, Raveau B
Spin-locking effect in the nanoscale ordered perovskite cobaltites LaBaCo2O6
PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 76 (18) : Art. No. 184432 NOV 2007


Directeur de Recherche CNRS – Classe exceptionnelle

contact :
Tel : +
Fax : +
e-mail :
Site internet : CNRT Matériaux
Site internet : CRISMAT


- Sept 1995 : Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches

- 1986-1988 : PhD en Sciences (24 Novembre 1988) - Université de Caen

Expériences professionnelles

- Depuis décembre 2015 : Directeur du Centre National de la Recherche Technologique (CNRT Materiaux), UMS 3318 CNRS/ENSICAEN/ UNICAEN, et Université du Havre

- 2004 - 2016 : Directeur du laboratoire CRISMAT, UMR 6508 CNRS/ENSICAEN

- 1999 : Chercheur invité à l’Université de Northwestern (K.R. Poeppelmeier)

Thèmes de Recherche

- Relations entre la structure et les propriétés physiques d’oxydes et autres chalcogénures de métaux de transition.

- Supraconducteurs High Tc, manganites CMR, oxydes et sulfures thermoélectriques, matériaux magnétique, multiferroïques.


- Réaction à l’état solide

- Mesures de transport électriques et thermiques

- Mesures magnétiques

Reconnaissances internationales et Responsabilités

- 22 chapitres de livres et articles de revues

- 694 publications (source ISI, H index = 68)

- 130 conférences et séminaires invités ; 3 brevets

- Membre de « European Thermoelectric Society »

- Membre du Board du Scientific Advisory Board of the Max-Planck-Institut für Festkörperforschung – Stuttgart (2012 - )

- Directeur du laboratoire d’excellence (LABEX) EMC3« Energy Materials and Clean Combustion Center » (2010-2019) [Caen/Rouen/Le Havre, 700 personnes]

- Editeur associé du Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (2016- )

- Membre du bureau Editorial : Journal of Solid State Chemistry (2013- )

- Editeur associé de Materiomics (Elsevier) depuis 2015

- Membre du bureau éditorial du journal Springer Nature depuis 2018 (SN Applied Sciences)

Comités de thèses et habilitations

- Supervision de 13 PhD thèses depuis 2001

- Membre de 90 PhD Comités et Habilitation en France et en Europe

5 publications récentes

1-Fast synthesis of SrFe12O19 hexaferrite in a single-mode microwave cavity
Molinari F., Maignan A., Marinel S., Savary E
CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL- Volume 43- Issue 1- Pages 4229-4234- Published Apr 2017.

2- A reversible phase transition for sodium insertion in anatase TiO2
Li W., Fukunishi M., Morgan BJ., Borkiewicz OJ., Chapman KW., Pralong V., Maignan A.,Lebedev O., Ma JW., Groult H., Komaba S., Dambourmet D
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS- Volume 29- Issue 4- Pages 1836-1844- Published Feb 2017

3-Type-II multiferroism and linear magnetoelectric coupling in the honeycomb Fe4Ta2O9 antiferromagnet
Maignan A, Martin C
PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS- Volume : 2- Issue : 9- Article Number : 091401- Published Sep 2018

4- Fe4Nb2O9 : A magnetoelectric antiferromagnet
Maignan A., Martin C
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume : 97- Issue : 16- Article Number 161106- Published : Apr 2018

5- Electronic Band Structure Engineering and Enhanced Thermoelectric Transport Properties in Pb-Doped BiCuOS Oxysulfide
Labegorre JB., Al Orabi RA., Virfeu A., Gamon J., Barboux P., Pautrot-d’Alencon L, LeMercier T., Berthebaud D., Maignan A., Guilmeau E
CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS Volume 30- Issue 3- Pages 1085-1094- Published : Feb 2018


Directeur de recherche

contact :

Tel. : +
Fax : +
e-mail :


Education (degrees, dates, universities)
1980-1986 Graduated from Moscow Institute of Radiotechniques, Electronics and Automatics

02.1995 - Ph.D.Physics and Mathematics : Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of Sciences
Career/Employment (employers, positions and dates)

1995-1996 - postdoc at EMAT, RUCA (Antwerp, Belgium)
01.1997 - 08.1997 - postdoc at Max-Plank-Institute fuer Festkoerperforschung (Stuttgart, Germany)
1997-2002 postdoc at EMAT, RUCA (Antwerp, Belgium)
2002-2003 – invited professor at EMAT, RUCA (Antwerp, Belgium)
1994-till now – Senior Scientist at Institute of Crystallography,
Russian Academy of Sciences
2003-2009 - postdoc at EMAT, Physics Department, University of Antwerp
 (Antwerpen, Belgium)
2009-till now - Research Director at CRISMAT UMR 6508, CNRS-ENSICAEN, Université de Caen, ( Caen, France)

(i) main field
Electron Microscopy investigation of inorganic materials
(ii) other fields
Electron Microscopy investigation of interfaces, nanostructures and defect structures
(iii) current research interest
 mesoporous materials, nanoparticles, fullerenes (C60 and C70) and nanotubes, thin films, CMR materials and thin films based on it, In-situ investigation of phase transition in the materials, heteroepitaxial multilayer systems , atomic structure of interfaces and grain boundaries and correlation with the physical properties

(i) nationales
 : L’Institut Lavoisier de Versailles (Versaille), ICMCB CNRS (Bordeaux), Laboratoire des Matériaux et du Génie Physique (Grenoble)
(ii) internationales : University of Antwerp (Belgium), Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany), Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany), Padova University (Italy), General Physics Institute RAS (Russia)
Invited talks
 - E-MRS 2000 Spring Meeting, Strasbourg, France, May 2000 , “Misfit accommodation of Epitaxial La1-xAxMnO3 (A=Ca,Sr) Thin Films”
 -High Level Scientific Conference on Moving Interface in Solids, Kloster Irsee,Germany August 10-15, 2003. Invited talk “ Phase transition and interfaces in thin film perovskite oxides”
-European Congress of Electron Microscopy (EMC-13), Antwerpen ,August 23-28, 2004 Invited talk : “Zeolite and MCM Materials : Nano- and Mesoporous Structures.”
- ESF Exploratory Workshop on Genesis and Applications of Active MOF, Dourdan, France 25-28.04.2007 : “Crystallized Frameworks with Giant Pores : What kind of information can we expected from advanced TEM ?”
- ICM 17 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 19-24 September, 2010 “Interfaces in Manganite Materials. Role and Place of Transmission Electron Microscopy.”
- Number of papers in refereed journals : >250
- Number of communications to scientific meetings : >100
Some recent publications
- I.S.Neira,Y.V.Kolen’ko, O.I.Lebedev, G. Van Tendeloo, H.S.Gupta, F.Guitián, and M.Yoshimura An Effictive Morphology Control of Hydroxyapatite Crystals via Hydrothermal Synthesis Crystal Growth and Design 9(1) (2009) 466-474
- V. Moshnyaga, K. Gehrke, S. Raabe, L. Sudheendra, K. Samwer, O.I. Lebedev, J. Verbeeck, G. Van Tendeloo, A. Belenchuk, O. Shapoval Electrical Nonlinearity in CMR Manganite Films : Relevance to Correlated Polarons Phys.Rev.B. 79 (2009) 134413


Directrice de Recherche-CNRS

Contact :
Tel : 00 33 2 31 45 29 10
Fax : 00 33 2 31 95 16 00
Email :

Main activities
Transport and magnetic properties : interplay between spin/charge/lattice in transition metal oxides
Thermoelectric properties of oxides

Mini CV

2012 : Directrice de recherche CNRS (section 3) in laboratoire CRISMAT
2011 : Directrice of the CNRS French research group onThermoelectricity for 4 years, with Bertrand Lenoir (IJL, Nancy)
2008 - 2012 : Coordinator of the SOPRANO Initial Training Networkfunded by european FP7 program for 4 years
2006 : Directrice Adjointe of the CNRS French research group on thermoelectricity (GDR Thermoélectricité, for 4 years
2006 : Habilitation à diriger des recherches on ‘Thermoelectric properties of transition metal oxides’
2000 : Chargée de recherche CNRS (section 3) in laboratoire CRISMAT
2000 : Postdoctoral fellow at KULeuven (Belgium) with Prof. V. V. Moshchalkov, on vortex pinning by antidots in Pb thin films.
1998 – 1999 : Postdoctoral fellow at Imperial College with Prof. David Caplin on vortex pinning by columnar defects in high Tc superconductors.
1998 : PhD on ‘Influence of size,tilt and angular distribution of columnar defects on the vortex pinning in high Tc superconductors’ in laboratoire CRISMAT


Laboratoires LPS (Orsay), GREMAN (Tours), ICMCB (Bordeaux), Max Planck Institute (Dresden), Waseda University (Tokyo), National Institute R&D electrochemistry and Condensed Matter (Timisoara)

Selected Publications

« From oxides to selenides and sulfides : the richness of the CdI2 type crystallographic structure for thermoelectric properties »
S. Hébert, W. Kobayashi, H. Muguerra, Y. Bréard, N. Raghavendra, F. Gascoin, E. Guilmeau, A. Maignan, Physica Statu Solidi A 210, 69 (2013).

« Large Oxygen Nonstoichiometry in La0.77Sr3.23Co2.75C0.25O8.40+d Oxide (d = 0, 1.3) Related to n = 3 RP Series »
A. Demont, S. Hébert, J. Howing, Y. Bréard, D. Pelloquin, Inorganic Chemistry 52, 1265 (2013).

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Professeur ENSICAEN

contact :

Phone : 0033 (0)231 45 26 09
Fax : 0033 (0)231 95 16 00

After getting a degree of Physicien (1984) and a PhD in Physics from the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland (1989), in the field of liquid and amorphous metals I moved to the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, where I started to work in the field of strongly correlated electrons. In 1994, I moved to Shimane University, Japan, where I accepted an Associate Professor position. I pursued research activities in the fields of strongly correlated electrons and bosons, and on the transport properties of amorphous metals. In 1996 I returned to the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, where I stayed until 2000. I then accepted a Professor position at the Institut des Sciences de la Matière et du Rayonnement, Caen, France, where I am pursuing research activities in the field of strongly correlated electrons, in close connection with experiment.


Condensed matter theory ; many-body problem ; disordered systems.

Search of Superconductivity in strongly correlated electron systems
Strong electronic correlations
Mott transition
Stripe phases
Magnetism in transition metals and transition metal oxides
Transport properties of liquid and amorphous metals


Dr. P. Limelette (Tours University)

Prof. Th. Kopp (Augsburg University)

Dr. U. SchwingenschlÖgl (KAUST)

Prof. A. M.Oles (Jagellonian University in Krakow)

Dr. M. Raczkowski (Würzburg University)

Prof. P. Wölfle (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Prof. D. Ledue (Université de Rouen)

Prof. O. Juillet LPC (Université de Caen)

Recent selected talks
"The Slave-Boson Technique"

Talk at "The Autumn School on Correlated Electrons, Many-body Physics : From Kondo to Hubbard, Juelich, Germany, September 2015"

PDF - 5.7 Mo
"Intertwined orders of the two-dimensional Hubbard model"

Talk at "Augsburg University, Germany, January 2015"

"Competing spin, charge and pair ordering of the doped two-dimensional Hubbard model from symmetry-entangled wave-functions"

Talk at "Quantum Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Electrons, Cracovie, Pologne, June 2014"

PDF - 1.7 Mo
"Approche quantique au transport dans les matériaux"

Talk at "Ecole thèmatique CNRS THERMOELECTRICITE : de la théorie au dispositif, Carcans Maubuisson, May 2008."

PDF - 478.2 ko
"Slave bosons in radial gauge : a bridge between the path integral and the Hamiltonian language"

Talk at "The International Conference of Theoretical Physics "Electron Correlations In Nano And Macrosystems", Ustron (PL), Sept 2006."

PDF - 581.4 ko
"Electrons corrélés : une introduction"

Talk at "Rencontre scientifique de Saint-Aubin "Electrons fortement corrèlés", SOLEIL, June 2006."

PDF - 1.4 Mo
"Competition between filled and half-filled stripes in cuprates and nickelates"

Talk at "The 9th Franco-American Workshop on Complex Oxides, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, January 2006."

PDF - 1.1 Mo

Review Articles

R. Daou, R. Frésard, V. Eyert, S. Hébert, and A. Maignan
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Sci. Technol. Adv. Mater. 18, 919 (2017)

R. Frésard
The Slave-Boson Approach to Correlated Fermions, Many-Body Physics From Kondo to Hubbard, Modeling and Simulation
Vol. 5, E. Pavarini, E. Koch and P. Coleman Eds., Verlag des Forschungszentrum Jülich, (2015)

R. Frésard, J. Kroha, and P. Wölfle
The pseudoparticle approach to strongly correlated electron systems
Springer Series in Solid-State Science 171, 65-101 (2012) SB_review_2011.pdf

R. Frésard
Approche quantique au transport dans les matériaux liquides et amorphes

PDF - 303.2 ko
Conversion d’énergie par effets thermoélectriques : théorie, matériaux et applications
S. Hébert, B. Lenoir et C. Simon, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines, Nancy (2009)


A. Albaalbaky, Y. Kvashnin, D. Ledue, R. Patte, and R. Frésard
Magnetoelectric properties of the multiferroic CuCrO2 studied by means of ab initio calculations and Monte Carlo simulations
Phys. Rev. B 96, 064431 (2017) arXiv:1710.07538)

V. H. Dao and R. Frésard
Particle-hole symmetry of charge excitation spectra in the paramagnetic phase of the Hubbard model

V. H. Dao and R. Frésard
Effect of the next-nearest-neighbour hopping on the charge collective modes in the paramagnetic phase of the Hubbard model

V. H. Dao and R. Frésard
Collective modes in the paramagnetic phase of the Hubbard model
Phys. Rev. B 95, 165127 (2017) arXiv:1702.00228

O. Juillet, A. Leprévost, J. Bonnard and R. Frésard
Phaseless quantum Monte-Carlo approach to strongly correlated superconductors with stochastic Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov wavefunctions
J. Phys. A Math. Theor. 50, 175001 (2017) arxiv:1610.08022

T. Barbier, D. Berthebaud, R. Frésard, O. I. Lebedev, E. Guilmeau, V. Eyert and A. Maignan
Structural and Thermoelectric Properties of n-type Isocubanite CuFe2S3
Inorg. Chem. Front. 4, 424 (2017)

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Capacitance and compressibility of heterostructures with strong electronic correlations
Phys. Rev. B 95, 035143 (2017) arXiv:1609.06263

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Charge instabilities of the two-dimensional Hubbard model with attractive nearest neighbour interaction
J. Phys. : Conf. Ser. 702, 012003 (2016) arXiv:1511.02616

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Intertwined orders from symmetry projected wavefunctions of repulsively interacting Fermi gases in optical lattices
New J. Phys. 17, 103023 (2015)

R. Daou, R. Frésard, S. Hébert and A. Maignan
Impact of short-range order on transport properties of the two-dimensional metal PdCrO2
Phys. Rev. B 92, 245115 (2015) arXiv:1511.07614

G. Lhoutellier, R. Frésard and A. M. Oles
Fermi-liquid Landau parameters for a nondegenerate band : Spin and charge instabilities in the extended Hubbard model
Phys. Rev. B 91, 224410 (2015) arXiv:1503.05544

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A. Leprévost, O. Juillet, and R. Frésard
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materials, ’’Expert Opinion’’

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The apparent Fermi liquid concept helps to understand thermoelectric materials, ’’Expert Opinion’’
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Int. J. Mod. Phys. B6, 685 (1992)


David Berthebaud
Chargé de recherche CNRS




contacte :
Téléphone : 02 31 45 26 33

e-mail :

Activité de recherche :

Thématique : Synthèse et caractérisation de nouveaux matériaux, intermétalliques et chalcogénures, pour leurs propriétés magnétiques et thermoélectriques. Mots Clefs : Nouveaux matériaux, intermétalliques, chalcogénures, magnétisme, thermoélectricité Techniques : Synthèse haute température, étude structurale par DRX, frittage SPS, mesures de propriétés électroniques (magnétisme, transports) Collaboration : National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japon National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tsukuba, Japon

Mini CV :

Depuis 2012 Chargé de recherche CNRS au laboratoire CRISMAT. 2011-2012 Chercheur postdoctoral au laboratoire CRISMAT. 2010-2011 ATER - Institut Charles Gerhardt – Université de Montpellier 2. 2008-2010 Chercheur postdoctoral - National Institute for Materials Science - Tsukuba, Japon 2008 Chercheur postdoctoral - CBPF- Rio de Janeiro, Brésil. 2004-2007 Doctorat - UMR CNRS 6226 - Sciences chimiques de Rennes - Université de Rennes 1

Publications récentes :

1. D. Berthebaud, F. Gascoin - Microwaved assisted fast synthesis of n and p-doped Mg2Si, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Volume 202, June 2013, Pages 61-64

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