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The key point in multilayer ceramics capacitors and low temperature co-fired ceramics (respectively named MLCC-LTCC) manufacturing is the compatibility between the dielectric ceramic and the electrodes during the sintering process. Until the 1990s, the MLCC were manufactured with very expensive inner electrodes using noble metals like Pt, Pd,...Nevertheless, the cost lowering of such components becomes indispensable to be able to compete in this very high competitive field. The most promising way for that is to substitute noble metals by more basic ones like silver or copper. This substitution obviously imposes to lower the sintering temperature of the ceramic ...(more ).



Superconductors ceramics

During these last four years, an optimization of the superconducting properties of YBa2Cu3O7-d compounds, and particularly under magnetic field, was carried out. Doping, oxygen annealing and process were especially studied. A significant increase of the critical current density up to 100kA/cm2 under 0.2 T and more than 60kA/cm2 under 1T (Horvath et al., 2008) has been obtained through an accurate co-doping with cerium oxide and lithium carbonate...(more ).



Thermoelectrics ceramics


Most of our activities on thermoelectrics focused on the formulation and processing of bulk oxide ceramics. Both p and n-type materials 1-5 have been studied.

Metallic conductivity and promising thermoelectric performances have been evidenced in metal doped In2O3 bulk ceramics...(more


Concerning p-type materials, efforts were mainly focused on the process, texturation and properties optimization of misfit cobaltites...(more

Thermoelectric modules
Thermoelectric devices have been developed during the last four years, supported by different industrial projects. In a first approach only oxide based modules were built, in order to address high temperature thermoelectric generators .....(more


Thermomechanical properties of metals and composits


This topic is concerning by the evaluation of the damage occurring in metallic alloys in the course of their thermomechanical history. Our works mainly focused on Nodular Cast Irons (NCI, Industrial support MPSA) and Dual Phase steels (DP, industrial support Faurecia). more







The prediction of defects arising in metallic alloy forming processes and the evaluation of the straining effects in manufactured products are the main objectives of the theoretical and applied research in this thematic. These investigations are supported by obvious economic implications t

hanks to consequent financial industrial supports. more





Microstructure & behavior of materials


Like other research areas, nowadays materials science must take environmental, economic and social sides into account when developing new materials. Among these considerations are : the production energy cost for the material, the environmental impact of its production anduse, the energy saved due to the use of this material. more





Image analysis









Unusual sintering


Microwave furnace
The microwaves heating is very complex and depends on physicals properties ( electric conductivity, permittivity ...) of the material. It allow very short elabo

rations time with high temperatures and heating speed about 200-300°C/min which is the driving force of texture formation...(more).

Spark plasma sintering
The point of this sintering is the internal heating source. The sample is located inside a die-electrode system that allows uniaxial pressure and crossed by a pulsed or not electric current. According to the system electric properties, the heating will be broughtby the die or inside the sample itself...(more).












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