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Les outils du céramiste

les outils du ceramiste

From the powder to the component

Classical ceramic process

1st step : milling

2nd step : sieving (option)

3rd step : pressing

4th step : heat treatment

Using :
Classical furnaces
Atmosphere controlled furnaces
Large capacity atmosphere controlled furnace
Microwave furnace
Spark Plasma Sintering machine
Attrition tool (liquid) or bowl milling (dry or liquid) Sieve Uniaxial pressMaximum strength : 50 MN

5th step : forming to study

Cutting tool / Possibility of cutting : Ceramics, Glass , Metals Coating tool:Conductive carbon polymer coating to study with a S.E.M Polishing tool:Minimum grain size : 1 µm Ultra sound tank cleaning tool

Other elaboration ways

Centrifuge Temperature chamber Spray drier

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